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The IV International Conference “Cooperation for the sake of Development”, People's Friendship University (Moscow)

On May 27, 2014 there was held the IV INTERNATIONAL BRICS CONFERENCE “Cooperation for  Development. Networking of BRICS universities in training personnel for innovative economy” in the conference hall of the economies faculty,  People's Friendship University”, Moscow.

The event was organized by People's Friendship University with  participation of  Ministry of Economic Development, Russian Federation,  Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Federation, National Committee for BRICS Research, Institute for Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences,  Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as  Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS, Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District (KMAD),  Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of KMAD.


The following topics were offered as the conference program :

- Peace, security, global governance: participation of BRICS countries

- Trade and economic cooperation and social development of the BRICS countries

- Innovation, knowledge sharing and networking in the field of science and education

- Social and economic problems in the BRICS countries

- Poverty control in BRICS

- Solution of the food problem in BRICS

- Cooperation in the field of education, science and innovation

- Establishment of  BRICS university network.


The conference focused on BRICS as a new driving force of the development and integration of science, technology and education. The conference was aimed at estimating possibilities of providing sustained future of BRICS countries, assisting in the formulation of the concept for cooperation between BRICS countries.

In the course of the event the conference participants discussed the idea of creation the common educational, scientific and research BRICS space. Furthermore, great  attention was given to defining BRICS role in global governance, developing of a system of mutual assistance in ensuring sustained future of BRICS countries, as well as discussing the perspectives of trade and economic cooperation and social and economic development of BRICS countries.

Ms.L.I. Kornaukhova, RISTC Deputy General director, made the report "On some results of the  Russian-Indian Scientific and Technological Center three-year activity: from transfer to commercialization."

Following the results of the event the participants-experts drew up recommendations on strategic directions of BRICS cooperation in the sphere of economy and education that would become matter of discussion on the BRICS summit in Fortaleza (Brazil) in July, 2014.


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