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January 15, 2016 At the Embassy of India in Moscow there were held negotiations between  General Director of RISTC S. Y. Sukonkin and his Deputy, L. I. Kornaukhova, to which they were invited by the newly appointed Counsellor,S&T   Dr. Abhishek Vaish.

Dr. Vaish described the current favorable conditions, giving the chance for most active cooperation between Russia and India in science and technology. There were planned stages of development the cooperation in the overriding fields of science and technology for both countries and the steps for their implementation.

Date: 16.01.2016

On  December 18, 2015, at the invitation of the Scientific Secretary of the geographical section of the Central House of scientists, Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dmitry L. Lopatnikov, Deputy General Director of RISTC Liudmila I. Kornaukhova delivered a lecture and provided a presentation on the topic "INDIA: FROM CAVES TO  SKYSCRAPERS". Judging by the number of questions  the lecture caused great interest of the audience.

Date: 18.12.2015

The Forum participants – top managers of industrial and trading companies from Moscow and the regions of Russia gathered  to discuss how should business live and work  in the regime of austerity and frugal spending of resources.

The Forum keynote presentations were made by:

Sergey Glazyev - Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on regional economic integration,  academician of the RAS;

Mikhail Khazin – President of the Foundation for economic research;

Evgeny Satanovsky – President of the independent Middle East Institute ,

and other prominent businessmen and economic experts. They also answered the burning questions of the participants of the Forum

To listen to reports, questions and answers, as well as get acquainted with the most interesting participants of the Forum has managed  Deputy General Director of RISTC, Ms.Liudmila I. Kornaukhova,  who participated in the Forum at the invitation of the OrganizingCommittee.

Date: 15.12.2015

On December 10, 2015 General meeting of Noncommercial Partnership "Russian-Indian scientific and technological centre" took place in the RISTC meeting hall. Discussed and adopted were the decisions on important  issues, such as approval of the actual list of the NP RISTC members in connection with the admission of the two new ones, i.e. Research and Production Enterprise “FORT XXI” Ltd  (RPE “FORT XXI”) and Central Scientific Research Institute "KURS"   ( CSRI «Kurs»)

Besides,  there were presented the Report on the work done  by the day of the meeting, Financial report , Planned Program of Indo-Russian cooperation in the promotion of the Russian  innovations to India and  from Indian innovations to Russia within the Program "Joint research cum Joint business" and some other issues.



Research and Production Enterprise “FORT XXI” Ltd  (RPE “FORT XXI”)

Central Scientific Research Institute "KURS"  ( CSRI «Kurs»)

Date: 10.12.2015

On December 9, 2015  in Moscow there took place a  meeting of representatives of RISTC : a member of the  Scientific Expert Council, Director of Scientific Research  Institute “ASONIKA” Prof. Alexander. S. Shalumov and Deputy General Director Ms.Liudmila I. Kornaukhova , with the delegation from India: Dr. S. R. Shankapal, Vice Councellor,  Ramaya University of Applied Studies, Bangalore,  N. C.Shekar, CEO, MSRUAS  and  Mr. M. J. Shantharam,  Managing Director, the company "VALDEL Investments Private Ltd", Banglore.

The sides  discussed the preparation of the documents for the joint venture and joint work at the course of lectures for MSRUAS students  to master the system ASONIKA.

Date: 09.12.2015


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