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The visit of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev resulted in signing the Joint Statement: Celebrating a Decade of the India- Russian Federation Strategic Partnership and Looking Ahead.

Full text of Joint Statement (pdf)

An abstract of the Joint Statement:


6. The sides reviewed progress made in bilateral scientific and technological cooperation. They expressed satisfaction at the extension of the Integrated Long Term Program (ILTP) for scientific and technical cooperation for another decade and its focus on identifying innovation-led technology programs. The creation of new and innovative technologies would be at the heart of the respective economic modernization programs in the two countries. Continuous efforts would be made to identify programmes that would be built on the existing linkages between the Indian and Russian scientific establishments. The new Indian-Russian S&T Centre would facilitate such programs.



The Integrated Long-Term program of cooperation in Science & Technology and the Joint Work Document for establishing a Russian-Indian technological centre was also signed by the governments of two countries.


Full text of JWD (pdf)

An abstract of the Joint Work Document:


Joint Work Document for Establishing of the Russian - Indian Scientific and Technological Centre between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Department of Science & Technology, the Government of the Republic of India…


Parties feel it expedient to create an institutional mechanism for strengthening cooperation in the field of science and technology and taking its results to industry and with this objective have reached the following understanding:



1.The Parties would establish the Russian-Indian Scientific and Technological Centre (further - RJSTC) with its offices in Moscow and New Delhi.


The main objective for RJSTC establishment is participation and provision services in the sphere of fundamental and applied scientific researches and technological developments, aimed at obtaining of practical results in various spheres of science and technology with the purpose of their further commercialization in Russia and India, and other countries. ILTP Projects would have priority for RISTC.

Date: 22.12.2010


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