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From Republic of India:

1  Padmashree Dr Vijay Bhatkar, Chairman, Academic Council IIT Delhi, Ex Executive Director, CDAC, Chief Guest

2 Dr S K Varshney, DST, New Delhi, Guest of Honour

3 Dr. Shrikant V. Joshi, Dy DirectorARCI, Dy Director RISTC India, Guest of Honour

4 Dr A K Singh, Dy Director General (NRM), ARCI, New Delhi, Guest of Honour

5 Dr. Hemantkumar P. Bulsara, Assistant Professor (Economics & Management), S V National Institute of Technology, Surat, Guest of Honour

6 Dr. S. J. Chopra, Chancelor, UPES

7 Mr.Pankaj Roy Gupta, UPES

8 Mr. Utpal Ghosh, Pro Vice Chancellor, UPES

9 Mr S R Sethi, Advisor, UPES

10, Mr. Nishant Sidana, Manager- Business Development, ISPe

11 Mr. Vikas Narula, Director- Marketing UPES

12 Mrs. Deepa Verma, Director (Institutional Affairs), UPES

13 Dr. Subir Ranjan Das, Head International Affairs, UPES

14 Dr Sanket M Goel, Faculty, UPES

15 Dr Ajay Vashisht, Faculty UPES

16 Dr. Manish Prateek, Faculty, UPES

17 Vinay Avasthi, Faculty UPES

18 Anant Bhaskar Garg, Faculty UPES

19 Dr G Sanjay Kumar, Faculty, UPES

20 Dr Prassom Dwivedi, Faculty, UPES

21 Dr. P K Sahoo, Faculty UPES

22 Dr. Nihal Siddiqui, Faculty UPES

23 Mr. Achin Jain, UPES

24 Mr. Ajay Bhandari, ISPe, UPES

25 Maj. Gen A.K. Kher, Advisor, UPES

26 Ms.Garima Bhatia, ISPe, UPES

27 Ms.Mahima Arora, ISPe, UPES

28 Dr. K C Gandhi, UPES

29 Dr.Mousumi Das Gupta, ISPe, UPES

30 Mr. Paramjyot  Singh, UPES

31 Mr. Saurabh Saraswat, ISPe, UPES

32 Lt Col Ajay Sharman, UPES

33 Mr.Sumitra Dhar, UPES

34 Mr.Rahul , Student, Academia

35 Mr.Rishab Prakash Singh, Student, Academia

36 Mr. Viswanath Singh, Student

37 Mr. Sundeep Dhaka, Student

38 Dr. A Murali M Rao, Joint Director, Computer Division, Indira Gandhi National Open University


39 Mr. D. Srinivasa Rao, International Advanced Research Centre for Power Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Industry

40 Arjit Kumar Rajwal, Student, Academia

41 Manoj K Gattani, Faculty, UPES, Academia

42 Md Salauddin, Faculty, UPES, Academia

43 Rahat Ullah Khan, Faculty, KIET, Ghaziabad


44 Prof. Virendra Singh, CPI, NAIP Project on Seabuckthorn, CSK HPKV, Palampur HP, Academia

45 Dr. Gagan Anand, Faculty, UPES, Academia

46 Mr. Geo Jos Fernandez, Faculty, UPES, Academia

47 Mr.Rajarshi Sen, Director & CEO, Luminous Renewable Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Industry

48 Mr.Hemendra Sharma, Regional Head, Industry

49 Mr.Avinash Singh, Student, Academia

50 Mr.Arun Khanna, CEO,  RMS Automation, Industry

51 Dr. Vinay K. Pandey, Indira Gandhi Agriculture University, Raipur, Chattisgarh

52 Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Varma, Pro Vice Chancellor-Science & Technology (Intl.), AUUP & Director General, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology

53 Prof. (Dr.) A K Srivastava, Director General, Research & Innovation, AUUP

54 Prof. (Dr.) K C Upadhyay, Director, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, AUUP

55 Prof. (Dr.) A L Verma, Director-Science & Technology Research, AUUP

56 Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Pandey, HOD-Research & Publication, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, AUUP

57 Dr.Bhavini R Mistry, MBBS, AFIH (CLI)

58 Mr.Jasvinder Singh, Explochem Engineering & Exports

59 Mr.S.P.Mishra, IRSTC

60 Mr.Syed Fahad, Mecharte's SIMULATION EXPERTS

61 Mr Satish Pandey, CSIR- Central Road Research Institute

62 Mr.Venkateswaram PS, UPES

63 Mr.Harsh Kr. Chauhan, Management Consultant

64 Mr.Veekaas D Jolly, Jolly Technocrats

65 Mr.Harsh Sharma, BSES

66 Ms.Sumana Mazumdar, UPES

67 Dr.Anil Kumar Singh, Deputy Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research

68 Mr.M.K.Maan, Mechmaan Healthcare Private Ltd

69 Dr. D.K Singh, Department of Vegeatble Science, G.B Pant University

70 Mr.Dipanjan Banerjee, Senior Assistant Director, FICCI

71 Prof. R.K. Shevgaonkar, Director, IIT, Delhi

72 Ms.Mamta Hazarika, Research Analyst, ISPe

73 Mr.Sandeep Saha, Deputy Manager- Implementation, ISPe

74 Mr.Sudhir Sharma, Admin Manager, ISPe

75 Mr.Deepak Saini, ISPe

76 Mr. Sunil Kumar, Faculty, UPES

77 Dr. S.N. Suri, PVC, UTM, UPES



 From Russian Federation :


1 Ms.Liudmila Kornaukhova, Deputy Director General, RISTC Moscow Unit, RT Coordinator

2 Ms.Olga Ustyuzhantseva, International Projects Coordinator, Tomsk State University

3 Mr.Andrei Volodin, Professor, Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs,RF

4 Mr.George Gabrielian, Deputy Head International Division, Russian New University

5 Mr.Konstantin Pavlov, Synchronic translation,

6 Mr. Nikolay Malyutin, Deputy Director General in innovations, OJSC”SAPSAN”

7 Mr.Victor Dmitriev, Chief Scientist, OJSC”SAPSAN”

8 Mr. Alexander Shalumov, Director General, "CALS Technologies, Ltd.”

9 Mr. Aleksandr Deriabin, Associate Professor (mining, economics & management ),  Moscow State Mining University

10 Mr.Vladimir Zemlyanykh, Deputy Director,  Coal Corporation

11 Mr.Nikolay Badulin, Director General, OJSC”FiBr”, Business Angel

12 Ms.Olga Babkina, Head of Department  for commercialization, Tomsk University developments

13 Ms.Irina  Iashagashvili, Executive Director, Business Council for Cooperation with India, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, RF

14 Mr.Alexandr Y.Snegirev, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education and Science

15 Mr.Oleg Veshchunov, Internatinal Cooperation Department

16 Mr. Eugeny A. Palkin, Russian New University (RNU)

17 Mr.Dmitry Korev, Liotech

18 Mr. Sergey Podchufarov, Director General, RUSNOINCOM Ltd., Moscow

19 Ms. Liubov Altunina, Director, Institute of oil chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch

20 Alexander Erokhin, Director General, Liotech, Moscow

21 Dr. V.N. Stegniy, Head of laboratory, TSU
22 Mrs.V.A. Mavaeva, National Research Tomsk State University jointly with MANEL, CJSC


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