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About RI STC

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Russian-Indian Scientific & Technological Centre (RISTC) is an organization established following the decision, formulated by the then Russian Federation President Vladimir V. Putin and Prime Minister of the Republic of India Manmohan Singh in their Joint Statement of January 25, 2007.

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An extract from the point 14 of the Joint Statement:

14. ... As a major initiative, the Sides welcome the decision to set up an India-Russia Technology Centre in Moscow to facilitate and channelize commercial / industrial applications of new jointly developed technologies. The Sides recognize that this new facet to S&T cooperation would also provide a stimulant effect to the overall scope of joint work. The Signing of the relevant Joint Work Document would enable the Centre to begin concrete work.

The Founders of the Centre are:

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences”

Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences.

On June 10, 2010 Russian-Indian Scientific & Technological Centre was registered by the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice as a legal entity with the organizational and legal status of Non-commercial Partnership.

RI STC was established for an indefinite term, with support and participation from state authorities and public structures of the Russian Federation and the Republic of India:
- Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Federation
- Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
- ILTP Joint Council
- Russian Academy of Sciences

During the visit of the Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev to India on December 21, 2010 Joint Work Document, specifying the structure and principles of functioning of Russian-Indian Scientific & Technological Centre, was signed.

The Joint Work Document prescribes establishing of two Units of Russian-Indian Scientific & Technological Centre: in Moscow and in Delhi in accordance with the Russian Federation and the Republic of India legislation respectively.

RISTC supreme ruling body is the Partnership members General meeting.
The Partnership Joint Board is a permanent collegiate executive body.


Biotechnology and Immunology
Material Science and Technology
Laser Science and Technology
Accelerators and Their Applications
Biomedical Science and Technology
Oceanology and Oceanic resources
Engineering  Sciences
Earth  Sciences Physics and Astrophysics
Ecology and Environmental Protection
Chemical Sciences
Life Sciences

1. Participation in developments and provision of services in the field of fundamental and applied research , aimed at obtaining practical results in various areas of science and technology, with their subsequent introduction to industries and economic-organizing environment for raising the competitiveness of Russia and India economics.

2. The Center will contribute to development of bilateral interaction in using new forms of commercialization to introduce the results of scientific research and innovative technologies to production, jointly developed technologies including.


1. Participation in developments in the sphere of applied scientific and technological research

2. Provision of services for commercial exchange of research results and technologies


Assistance in searching for the required information, organizing
meetings, seminars and presentations of technologies and
innovative equipment, selected by the Centre

Assistance in arranging visits of Indian scientists, technologists,
entrepreneurs and industry experts to Russia (logistics and
office support)

Assistance in preparation of reports on the content and feasibility
of projects, technical and economic estimations, existing
equivalents, procedures of evaluation and demonstration of
technologies and test models

Assistance in drawing contracts on technology transfer between
technology suppliers and industry representatives

Monitoring of all projects, initiated by the Centre, including
contracts on technology transfer, at all stages, as well as progress
evaluation to provide support for a successful project completion

3. Participation in development, support, and implementation of projects in the sphere of Indo-Russian scientific and technological cooperation in the frameworks of ILTP and other programs

4. Assistance in organization of national and international exhibitions, conferences and forums

5. Operating and provision of services in the sphere of technological trainings

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