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Noncommercial Partnership
"Russian-Indian Scientific and Technological Centre"

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About the Centre

- Foundation

- Co-founders

- Main goals

- Fields of activity

- Articles of association


Non-commercial partnership "Russian-Indian Scientific Technological Centre" was established for implementing the decisions made by the Heads of the Russian Federation and the Republic of India, formulated in Joint Statement on the outcome of the Official Visit of H.E. Mr. Vladimir V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation to the Republic of India, January 25, 2007 (14th paragraph of the Statement)

14. The Sides recall with satisfaction their wide-ranging bilateral cooperation in the field of science and technology that has been successfully and jointly steered and conducted in the framework of the Integrated Long Term Programme (ILTP). They affirm to jointly commemorate the 20th anniversary (on July 3, 2007) of the establishment of the ILTP. As a major initiative, the Sides welcome the decision to set up an India-Russia Technology Centre in Moscow to facilitate and channelize commercial /industrial applications of new jointly developed technologies. The Sides recognize that this new facet to S&T cooperation would also provide a stimulant effect to the overall scope of joint work. The Signing of the relevant Joint Work Document would enable the Centre to begin concrete work.


Full text of the Statement



Certificate of State Registration of noncommercial organization "Noncommercial Partnership "Russian-Indian Scientific Technological Center” for promotion of fundamental and applied scientific research aimed at obtaining scientific or scientific-technological results”, Primary State Registration number 1107799019492, received June 17, 2010








Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences. During 40 years of its activities EDBOE RAS has executed a lot of research and development to create multifunctional technologies, unique systems, devices and equipment for fundamental and applied researches of the World Ocean ranging from measuring sensors to complex systems and deepwater manned and unmanned submersibles.

The Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (IPE) is part of Russian Academy of Sciences and one of the most prominent centers of global and national geophysics. It performs a wide range of fundamental and applied research.



The main goal of Centre establishing is:


- participation in developments and provision of services in the field of fundamental and applied scientific research aimed at obtaining practical results in various areas of science and technology, with their subsequent application for production and economic-organizing environment for raising the competitiveness of the economies of Russia and India.


- studying and summarizing the experience of Russia, Indian and other participants of the international market in the field of science and technology, and providing assistance in application of such experience


- interacting with participants of Russian-Indian programs


- participating in development, support and implementation of Programs and Projects in the field of Russian-Indian science and technical cooperation within both ILTP  and other programs


Fields of activity:


- research and development in the field of sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities 

- provision of services for exchange of scientific results and technologies 

- organization of national and international symposia, conferences, exhibitions 

- provision of services in the field of engineering trainings, organization of preparatory courses and extension courses in various areas of science. 

- marketing research and public opinion surveys 

- provision of legal services



Provision of services for exchange of scientific results and technologies includes:


- help in organizing visits of Indian scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and industry specialists to Russia, also visits of Russian specialists to India for commercialization of their developments and technologies. This help includes administrative and logistic support, support in preparation of materials, presentations, meetings, discussions, negotiations, etc.


- help in searching necessary information, organization of meetings, seminars and different forums; help in holding presentations and advertising campaigns of different technologies, selected by the Centre.


- help in organizing national and international symposia, conferences, exhibitions


- assistance in creating reports about projects and their realizability, technical and economic assessment, existing analogues and detailed specifications, also technologies, samples and projects demonstration confirming the feasibility of these projects


- assistance in preparing and performing agreements on technology transfer between suppliers of technologies and representatives of industry.


- monitoring of all project initiated by the Centre at every stage, including agreements on technology transfer; also progress assessment with the purpose of providing necessary help for successful completion of the project.



You have a technology? You need a technology? We will be glad to help you.

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