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18 June 2016 RISTC was visited  by Dr. Bhaskar Balakrishnan , President of the Association of Indian diplomats, who worked as the Ambassador of India in several countries. Dr. Balakrishnan reviewed the infrastructure and activities of the Center and listened to the presentations of the  member-organizations of the Nonprofit Partnership RISTC.

There took place a concerned constructive discussion, RISTC members gave their proposals on cooperation in various fields of science and technology, while Dr. Balakrishnan carefully reviewed the presentation materials and gave practical advices.


Date: 18.06.2016

On June 02,  2016, according to the  agreement with  Director General of   LLC "FORT 21" -Svetlana Viktorovna Dunchevskaya and General Director of LLC "INTEGRATED MARITIME SECURITY" Gennady Vasilyevich Chelyshev, Russian-Indian scientific-technological centre, arranged  their meeting  with the head of security technologies wing, Dr. Arvid Dixit at the Embassy of the Republic of India at Moscow.

 During negotiations agreement was reached on the possible format of cooperation.



Date: 06.06.2016

On May 17-19 2016 the exhibition hall of Gostiny Dvor at Moscow hosted the VI International Forum "Maritime industry of Russia". The forum was opened by the Deputy Minister of  Industry and Trade, Russian Federation, Chairman of the Forum organizing Committee,                        Mr. A. V. Potapov.

 Professionals of the NP RISTC member  - the company FORT- 21, Ltd - presented their developments at the booth of the company "INTEGRATED MARITIME  SECURITY, Ltd". Together with them in the forum work there took part Deputy General Director of RISTC,                    L. I. Kornaukhova, having become acquainted with the contents of the booths with the most interesting developments to establish working contacts with the aim of promoting Russian innovations to the Indian market.     


Date: 20.05.2016


On 12 April 2016 to RISTC Scientific Advisory Board   agreed to join    Eugene A.Palkin

Evgeniy A.Palkin - scientist, Laureate of USSR State prizein engineering(1990), PhD in  physico-mathematical Sciences,Professor, Vice-rectorfor research and Vice-Chairmanof the Scientific Council of the Russian new UniversityHonorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian  Federation .

Scientific activity

Developed an asymptotic approach and based on it, using the theory of singularities of differentiable mappings (catastrophe theory) decided a number of important applied problems of the geometric theory of diffraction, focusing of wave fields. Created numerical method of construction of uniform asymptotics to describe the diffraction structures of the electromagnetic fields in the areas of structurally-stable spatio-temporal focus that occurs when radiation propagation in complex inhomogeneous dispersive media. At present conducts active research work within the framework of scientific programs of Ministry of Education RF, RFBR and organizational work on the development of scientific research in RosNOU.

APPLICATION AREASradio physics,radio-soundingsystem.

Advanced: nanomaterialsbased oncarbonand their application, medicine, electronics. 


We thank Evgeny Alexeevich and welcome the new member of our team.


Date: 13.04.2016


7 - 8 April 2016 at the Russian New University there took place an international conference on problems of institutional interaction of universities and development of international scientific, technical and educational partnerships to ensure innovative development of Russia.

The education sector represents one of the most innovative sectors of the economy, largely determining the creation of innovation climate and competitiveness of the economy as a whole.

To participate in the event are invited representatives of the business community, young scientists, students and graduate students. At the invitation of the organizing Committee the conference was attended by L. I. Kornaukhova, Deputy General Director of RISTC.

Negotiations were held with Dr.Eugene A. Palkin, Pro-rector on scientific work of the Russian new University, about the possibility of his participation in the Scientific-Expert Council of RISTC.

Date: 09.04.2016


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